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Best Birthday Gift for your Kids at 2020

Every year there is a lot of new gift items and gift ideas are coming, specifically for birthday gifts, you can get a lot of gift ideas online. Once you browse "Best Gift Ideas for Birthday 2020", after 20 mins you have 100 items in your basket or cart. In that, you will short any one or two and purchase and present it for your kid. Your kid also very much excited about the gift. After a week or month, I am sure 90% of the kids don't tough that birthday gift. 

When you see that, you also adjust your mind. "OK it's just a gift, we offer a gift for everything, birthday, children's day, Christmas, etc. So, we can't expect kids to always love these gifts or hold it. 

Yes, these are very normal in gifting. But, if you want to offer one gift which your kid always wants to remember of love it?

I hope, 99% of parents love to offer the right gift for your kids. Absolutely i see some parents spend about a week or month time to research which is the best gift for our kids. Even in that week's time, if they focus on their job or business they can pick another 1000 USD. But, it's not a matter about money, it's about gifting and how we growing and caring our kids. 

Yes, you are right that's why we offering the custom gift for your kid's birthday. Which is always unique and which you kid always love it. 

Not only kids, everyone loves plush and soft toys. Hope this one won't have any age limit. Think if someone offering a plush or stuffed animal based on your drawing or most lovely character? 

100% everyone loves this concept, we tested with all age category people. From a 5-year-old kid, a 16-year teen, a 24-year adult, 50+ age groups, there is no limit. Everyone loves it, even they start preparing a big list based on a drawing or interested character. 

How to Order a custom plushie:

You can place an online order for custom plushie at custom plushie.

Once you placed the order you have to send your kids drawing or graphical representation to makemyplush@gmail.com. Even you can send an email before ordering, it will help us to review your image and make the confirmation. 

Here are few of our custom made plushie

custom plushie

custom plushie

custom plush

custom plush

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