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Best Websites for Convert Drawing into Plush Toy

Convert drawing into a plush toy is very hot in the market, people searching a lot of websites and contacting everyone to pick the right vendor to prepare the custom plushies. Here we going to list out the websites which are available for a custom plush and provide the how long they doing this one, costing, time for custom plush production, etc. It will help to pick the right website for custom plushies and build your custom plush toy for kids or someone.

 Best Websites to Convert Drawing into Plush Toy


Budsies.com handling custom plush based on kids drawing, any graphical representation, selfies, pet animal photos, etc. They offering big service all over the world, we can say that budsies are the top in custom plushies domain. It seems like budsies.com who started this business initially, started from 2013 and till now they completed about 1,00,000 plush toys and served for 63 countries including U.S., France, India, and Australia. 

They having a lot number of fan base in facebook, Instagram, twitter and youtube.

Costing: 115 USD for 16 Inch

Production Time: 45 Days+

Shipping: Free Shipping

Reviews: Excellent 

Our Stars: 
  • Costing: 4/5
  • Production time: 4/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Shipping: 5/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5


 2. Myplushtoy

Myplushtoy is similar to buddies, they offering custom plush toys based on drawing and selfies. I hope they offering the custom stuffed animals based on the pet's photos or drawing too. They offering plush in 2 different sizes like 16 and 30-inch sizes. It seems like the company operating in India and they offer high-quality products. When compare with budsies, myplushtoy seems less costing with equal quality what budsies offering.

Costing: 85 USD for 16 Inch

Production Time: 60 Days+

Shipping: 23.95(Standard delivery) 55 USD(Rush Delivery)

Reviews: Excellent 

Our Stars: 

  • Costing: 4.5/5
  • Production time: 3.5/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Shipping: 3.5/5
  • Overall: 4.1/5

3. Childsown

Childsown is similar to budsies and myplushtoy.com, they offering custom plush toys based on kids drawing, pets photos or drawing, selfies, and etc. These people also offering only 2 different sizes like 16 inches and 25 inches. It seems like both are very big in size for too young kids. It's perfect for kids older than 4-5 years. Then only they can able to lift the plush at least. No idea where they operating from there is no address or phone number anything. Mostly it seems like they working outside of the USA. 

Costing: 125 USD for 16 Inch

Production Time: 20 - 25 Days+

Shipping: 5.99(Standard delivery)

Reviews: Excellent 

Our Stars: 

  • Costing: 3.5/5
  • Production time: 4.5/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Shipping: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4.3/5

4. Makemyplush

Makemyplush also a similar people who converting the kids drawing into stuffed animals, converting selfies, graphical images, and selfies into a real plush toy. Same time makemyplush also offering an additional solution like if you have any old plush toy image(like damaged or lost one), using that photograph we will rebuild your favorite plush for you. Because most of them have a favorite plush in childhood while growing we damage the plush and lost it easy. Makemyplush offering a creative solution to rebuild it,  and compare with all the websites like budsies, myplushtoy, childsown, makemyplush is offering affordable cost with the same features.  

Makemyplush also offering custom plush toys from 6 inches with different options like your drawing having only 1-2 colors with 6 inch means it will cost only around 40-45 USD. You can search anywhere in the market there is no one to offer custom plush toys below 50 USD. makemyplush is offering that in the same quality, what we need more than this.

Costing: 74.99 USD for 18 Inch (Starting from 40 USD)

Production Time: 14 - 21 Days+

Shipping: 8 USD (Standard Delivery)

Reviews: Excellent 

Our Stars: 

  • Costing: 5/5
  • Production time: 4.5/5
  • Reviews: 5/5
  • Shipping: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4.75/5

It seems like I prepared the question paper and written myself and correct it myself. I just compared everything that people need like price, size options, quality, shipping, production time, etc. Based on those details only we prepared this list and we updating for you people. 

If anything we missed or forgot please mention us in a comment, sure we will bring the changes. 

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