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Create Stuffed Animal From Drawing - Work Done by June Last Week 2021

Makemyplush is a unique team which will convert the kids drawing into custom stuffed animal plush toy. It's a unique gifting items for kids, it's a best gifting item for kids birthday, mothersday, fathers day and etc. Makemyplush team updating the recent portfolie for customers, which will help to get an idea about our works and confident. Makemyplush started with very little work force, but now we having very big team which is able to handle about tons of orders per month. 

Same time it's very unique one, each and every kids drawing are unique. Not only kids drawing, illustrations are also very unique. Everytime we learning new patterns and our team is implementing new ideas. These portfolie will help customers to know about our unique skills. 

Since it's a very unqiue one, customers having a lot number of questions about the material, turn around time, approval process, how to do the changes, delivery time etc. When customers searching a company for converting kids drawing or illustrations into custom stuffed animal, a big question is about particular company is still active or not? Because i see a lot of people ordered in different company and after waiting for a long time they will request payment gateway with dispute. To reslove these issues, makemyplush is offering 100% support from production, support and payment team. Customers can able to interact with our team using facebook and emails. This will offer a better confident to place the order. 

Since there are many big players in the market, like budsies, myplushtoy, childsown, etc. Since they are big players they charging a lot from customers. They why people searching for alternative or similar to budsies in online. Makemyplush is a better solution for those who are searching an alternative for budsies, myplushtoy and childsown. Because we are very different from these companies, because here you need to pay only for your plush. I mean only what your drawing contain. Example if your drawing having only single color, you need to pay for only single color. if your drawing having 2 colors, you need to pay it for only 2 colors. Nothing additionally, you can pay based on the colors and sizes what you want and what you drawing having.

This will help to save about 50% from your order. And you won't want to pay any penny for rush orders. Most of them charing about 40-50 USD for rush time orders with custom stuffed animals. But we offering free rush time orders at most of the time. Only at tough situtations we will charge from 10-15 USD. 

Makemyplush turn around time also very short compare with other companies like budsies, myplushtoy and childsown. We offering about 15-30 days as turn around time. Based on the drawing complications the turn around time will vary from 15 days to 30 days. 

Here we updating the last one week work done by makemyplush team for custom plush toys in june last week 2021.


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Makemyplush is offering custom plush toys based on the kids drawing, illustration designs and old plush toys photos. Before placing the order, you have email the drawing or picture to makemyplush@gmail.com. Our team will review the possibilities and let you know size for the possibilities and the pricing. Based on that customer have to place the order. 

Our production time for custom soft doll is about 25-30 days and shipping time is about 3-5 days.

Customer can order draw your own plush toy in our online website url. If you want to convert an illustration design into stuffed animal plush use this url, custom stuffed animal from picture

Please check the images what we completed custom stuffed animal plush toy by 2nd week of may 2021.

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