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Custom Plush Toys From Drawing or Drawing into Plush

Makemyplush Offering Custom Plush Toys from Drawing into Plush. We will convert kids or your custom drawing into custom plush. We will take your drawing and review with our production team and prepare the patterns which is required to build the custom plush toy. Then we will cut those patterns into paper and then we will convert into the fabric. Actually we use short fur fabric for custom plushies because 5mm short fur is the right and very soft material. 

Then we will prepare the parts using the patterns, then we will join the separate parts into a single plush. Then we will add the final elements like eyes, nose, mouth, likewise whatever the completion part is required we will do that and complete the plush.

While seeing the text it's a simple process. But, while handling in real-time it's not something like that.  It will take about 5-7 days time to prepare the pattern and complete the custom plush from drawing. 

custom plush from drawing

How to order a custom plush from drawing?

  • Go to your product listing for custom plush from drawing
  • In the product page you can see a chat section at right side bottom, click that and send your drawing picture and required size.
  • otherwise you can email the details like drawing picture and size in email to "makemyplush@gmail.com"
  • Then we will review your requirement and provide the update, like which size and style you have to choose and order it.
  • Then you have to choose the style and size and place the order.
  • Then we will move forward and prepare the production.
  • It will take about 14-20 days for whole production.
  • Once completed we will send the completed plush images to you for confirmation.
  • Once you confirm the completed custom plush, we will dispatch the item to your address.
  • We will use Fedex air shipping, it will reach you in next 3-4 days to your location (Wordwide anywhere)
  • We will issue the fedex tracking code for your shipping tracking.

Custom plush are the unique one in the market, you can convert your kids drawing into custom plush.


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