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Custom Stuffed Animal Pictures - 1st Week of August 2022

Makemyplush is a leading custom plush company, which will turn kid's drawings, illustration designs, logo designs, and old plush pictures into custom stuffed animal plush toys. Since it's a custom gifting idea, people who looking at reviewing initially will have a doubt about the legit. Yes, it's a common doubt for everyone, that's why we keep on updating our custom plush toys every day, since we are highly active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube, we are updating our weekly portfolio in our blogs, which will help our customers to get the update of this week custom stuffed animals

And at the same time, if there is any special requirement we deal with, we will explain that particular portfolio in detail. We did more than 100+ custom stuffed animals this week, but we are going to explain only very few custom plushes in detail. 

A Little Girl Lost was recovered:

A little girl lost her childhood plush about a year ago, her mom wants to offer the same plush for this birthday. But it's not available in the market, she searched a lot in offline stores and in online. Finally, she figured out the solution with Makemyplush, we offer custom stuffed animal based on lost plush pictures. She started the conversation on Facebook chat. She shared the old plush pictures whatever she have. Since it's a lost plush we have only limited pictures in various views. 

It's a very cute image, a little girl sleeping with her favorite plush in her childwood days. We are very interested to turn the lost plush into a new custom plush toy.

Our team reviewed all the available pictures and turned them into a pattern that will get closer to the kid's childhood plush. Our team reviewed a lot and make a final version.

Once the final version gets completed we send the picture of the completed, wow customer is very satisfied with the final version of the plush. We dispatched the plush in 24 hours with DHL express and it reached the kid in the next 3 days. It was reached to a birthday on time, it was a surprise birthday gift for the little girl. She was a shocked and thrilling gift for her birthday, she was shocked and very happy with the plush. The customer send the picture of the plush with the little satisfied kid, here it's


Honor for Dad:

We got a message on Facebook, want to turn her husband's drawing into a custom plush. The sad news is her husband passed away last week(before ordering), and she wants to turn the drawing into custom plush and make a present to her son. I think that particular drawing is a very favorite drawing of her son.


Since it's a very sensitive request, we want to deal it carefully and make the perfect plush from the drawing. If you are selling some repeated plush it's very easy, but here is a custom plush all the requirements are different, and for each request we will have some unique reasons like this. 


It's the original drawing, we asked full body need to make or only with the head part? She wants to turn only like the drawing, only the head part. It seems simple but it's not. If the drawing has more elements, you can provide importance to all elements, even if one or two get some issues remaining elements will balance the plush. But if you are having only a single or two elements in the drawing. You have to make it 100%, we don't have any choice. Our team took this one as a challenge and make the patterns and we work hard together and finally prepared the plush same as the drawing. We send the picture of the plush to the customer for approval before dispatch, wow they love the plush a lot. they want to dispatch the plush ASAP. We dispatch the plush in the next 24 hours with DHL express, and it was received by the customer in 3 days.

The customer was very happy with the plush, she mentioned that it's a great value gift for my son who loves her husband a lot. No words, because we did a small thing a custom plush, but it means a lot to them(that family). Here is the picture from the little guy

Custom Stuffed Animal

These words and reviews mean a lot to us. These plush and requirements offer a lot of satisfaction about our job.

Turning Tatto Design into Custom Stuffed Animal Plush Toys:

It's a very unique requirement for our customer, we got a message on Facebook he wants to turn the tattoo design into a custom stuffed animal plush.


It's his very sentimental tattoo design, we reviewed the design it's like a Halloween pumpkin design. It seems simple but it's complicated to make the exact design like a Halloween pumpkin design into a custom stuffed animal plush. We agree with our customer to move forward with a 12-inch size custom plush. Here is the tattoo design


See the design and shape is a little complicated, we reviewed a lot of pumpkin design and patterns and how the customer made this tattoo design. Based on the review we got some ideas on how to prepare the patterns for this custom tattoo design. After a lot of research and testing patterns finally, we turn the tattoo into a custom plush.

We send the plush picture to the customer for final approval, Customer was very satisfied with the plush and how it was turned into a custom plush. And we delivered the plush in the next 3 days to him. He's very satisfied and happy with the plush toy. Here is the plush picture.

custom plush

We explained a few custom plush requirements in above the section, apart from these three we did a lot number of custom plush based on the drawing, illustration designs, pictures, old or lost plush pictures, logo, and mascot designs into a custom stuffed animal plush. Below the pictures are a few of our custom plush which were turned in last week

custom plushies

custom stuffed animals

custom plush commission

custom plush dolls

custom plush toys

custom stuffed animal

custom plush toys

custom plush from drawing

custom plushies

custom plush from pictures

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