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How to replace the old damaged or lost plushies into new one

Everyone has some favorite plush toys in childhood time. While we grow we may lose those favorite plushies or damage or get too old. But there is a space in our heart for those plushies always because it's like 1st love. Kids 1st love is always with their favorite plush toy. Think about it, if you rebuild the damaged or old favorite plush toy into new one means? Really it's a crazy one, but it's a possible one. Yes, makemyplush offering the solution to rebuild and replace your old or damaged toys into a new one. It's a really awesome solution for the kids because kids always love this one. Those old memories how crazy those loved that old favorite plush and they going to rebuild the same love story again.

Is it possible to renovate or refurbish your old favorite plushies?

When i am checking for refurbishing my childhood favorite plush, I see a lot of solutions available in online and retail. But, what are they doing, and how they refurbish the old plush toy? Mostly they offer a solution to sewing the damaged plush or offering recolor the fabric material or fill the cotton stuff, etc. But, mostly no one offering the solution to rebuild the plush into a new one. 

convert old or damaged plush into new plush toy

I see budsies offering the solution to rebuild your old or damaged plushies into the new one. It's an awesome solution, but it will cost you about 139 USD+ and they have size limitations. They offer a solution with only 16 inch and 30-inch sizes, there is no solution for your custom size or anything. And same time it's too costlier one compare with our solution. 

Let, see how the makemyplush is offering a solution to rebuild your old or damaged plushies into the new one.

Rebuild you old or damaged plush with makemyplush:

  • Makemyplush offering a custom solution to rebuild your lost or damaged or old plush. 
  • Makemyplush is offering the solution in all sizes a minimum size starts from 6 inches because it's not easy to make the plush less than 6-inch sizes.
  • Maximum we offering solutions up to 30 inches, in between that you don't have any size limitations. 
  • You can get the exact size of your old lost or damaged or old plushies into a brand new one.
  • We will review your photo or any document that you offered for the rebuild.
  • We will pick the right colors and materials and we will send an email for the confirmation for the material and colors.
  • Once after the confirmation only we will move forward and start producing and rebuild the same plush.

Reference document for rebuild the old or damaged plush toy:

Image or Video anyone is ok to move forward and produce the right plush for you.

 We will go through with your image or video and prepare the paper crafting and then fabric materials and start the production and fulfill your requirement.

How to order the custom plush toy to rebuild the old or lost or damaged plush into new one?

  • Makemyplush having a separate product list to order the rebuild the old plush into a new plush toy.
  • Before placing the order you have to contact us with email at makemyplush@gmail.com.
  • You have to send your old or damaged plush toy image or video to our email id.
  • we have to review the possibilities based on the image, size, and fabric material used in exiting plush.
  • After that, we will send a confirmation email to you for the production. 
  • Then you can place the order based on the size and colors.
  • Once after the order placed successfully, we will move forward with production and it will take about 15-20 days for production and 3-5 days for dispatch and shipping time, anywhere in the world.

If you facing any trouble and need any support you can contact me by email by makemyplush@gmail.com

 build the custom plush toy from the old or damaged plush toy

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