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Best Easter Simple & Easy Crafting Ideas for 2020

Easter is not only a spring festival, but it's also an awesome crafting festival and gaming. It's a festival for celebration. Each family minimum has one crafting ideas and events with easter. But, nowadays, that uniqueness and tradition are not followed by most of the families. But real easter festival and celebration are these only. So, we have to educate our kids and guide them on the right side. Even if you don't have time to prepare to craft you can find some crafting sets in retail stores or with amazon.com & walmart.com. Even that is enough and good to start with our festival.

Important Elements of Easter Festival:

  • Home Decoration
  • Bunny Crafting & Games
  • Egg Decoration & Games
  • Sweets & candies 
  • Fun Stories 

Home Decoration:

Home Decoration is the main element for each celebration, again with easter celebration home decorations with bunnies, easter eggs, and lights, etc. Welcome easter bunny in 4-5 feet size is the famous decoration element for easter, mostly people like buying a larger bunny for decoration. For decoration lights, you can also buy lights in a bunny or egg patterns. 

easter Home Decoration

Bunny Crafting & Games:

Without Bunny, there is nothing with easter festivals that many bunnies are an important element for easter. There is a lot of stories, how the bunnies are related to easter festival. Now we go with content about how to use the bunnies, you can start welcome guest using huge welcome bunny outside of your home(it will come in 4-5 inch sizes). Bunny crafting and games are a very important part of the festival, there is a lot of bunny crafting ideas in youtube using kits or normal paper and colors. 




bunny easter games

Bunny games are the most important and interesting one, there is a lot of bunny game concept available in online. Like kids following the bunny footprints and find the treasure or gifts are the most interesting ones. 

Egg Decoration & Games:

Similar to bunnies, eggs are the most important one with easter celebration. Easter egg decoration is the best and interesting part for kids, you can find a lot of easter egg decorating kits for kids. It will help to make your festival as a fantastic one. Otherwise, you can prepare you to own crafting ideas with easter egg decoration. 

For Easter Egg games, finding the easter eggs with bunny footprints with easter personalized baskets is the perfect one. 

easter egg games

Sweets & candies:

Without sweets, candies or eatable there is nothing with any festival. Likewise, bunny cakes, sweets, candies are the special one for easter. You can prepare it on your own, there is a lot of youtube videos are available. You can follow anyone of it. 



easter candies and sweets

Fun Stories:

Fun stories are the most important one for all the festivals, you can find the awesome fun stories in below the links.




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