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How to build your own custom stuffed animals

Custom stuffed animals are common playing elements or toys for kids. Custom stuffed animals are available in amazon from 9.99 to 100 USD. But amazon not selling any custom plush, so people like to buy custom plush online. In online people selling custom plush toys from 99.99 USD to 149.99 USD. It seems a little costlier, so people like to prepare the custom stuffed animal on our own. 

Basically Makemyplush offering custom stuffed animals based on custom orders. We offering custom plushie in 6 inches, 12 inches and 18-inch sizes, based on the colors and complication our costing starts from 25 USD to 90 USD. Compare with other custom stuffed toy producers we offering plush in very low costing. 

Here I am going to guide how to start with custom plush crafting on your own. I am not sure it will this is going to work or not. It's just a guideline, how to start with own custom stuffed animal crafting. If you want to do your own production, if you have to keep on try 3 - 5 times to get the right crafting idea and completed plush successfully.

 custom stuffed animals

let's go with the session,

  • Hope you have a drawing in your hand now, what size you want? 6 inches, 12 inches or 18 inches. 
  • Example if your drawing in 3 inches, if you want the plush in 12 inches means you have to take a printout in 15 inches (+3 inches for crafting wastages)
  • 1st you have to think about the view while taking the printout you need to take a printout for the front, side and top view. Otherwise, you need to take front end printout and based on that you have to prepare the crafting. 
  • In the market, you can find the tracking sheet, buy 2-3 sheets. And take a trace for each view, sections separately. It's known as a pattern.
  • We have to build separate sections using each pattern.
  • Then connect all the separate sections into a complete stuffed animal.
  • Then finally you have to finish the plush with eyes, mouth, nose like final elements to get the complete plush. 
  • I am sure if you are doing this 1st time if you try a lion you will get the rat. It's common, it's like a skill. I just offered a way to start with few ideas. You can do your own research or include you own ideas. 

Follow above the procedure and try your own custom stuffed animal. let us how many of getting the right one. If you having any trouble with preparing you own custom plush just comment here. If possible we will a solution for you.

If you don't want to build your own custom plush, you want to build custom stuffed animals with makemyplush. 


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