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Custom Made Stuffed Animals Plush Toy - Work Done by June 1st Week 2021

Makemyplush it's an emerging custom made stuffed animal plush toy company in USA. Makemyplush offering custom plush toy based on kids drawing or picture reference. Every week we updating the portfolieo what we done in last one week time. This will help customers to know the effort what we putting in making custom stuffed animal plush toys. 

In online you can find lot number of custom stuffed animals plush toy companies. But how to identify the right company for your custom stuffed animal plush toys. When people searching for custom plush toy, they need to look price, size options, time to turn around the drawing into custom stuffed animal plush. And recent work done by that particular company, because in online there is lot fake companies. You need to skip that, using social media, reviewes, blogs customers can able to find the actively working company. 

Because i see people ordering custom made plush toys in online without seeing these information and after waiting for a long time. They will report and commenting in social media, but that will won't work. Kindly ensure everything before placing the order.

We updating the last one week work done by makemyplush team for custom plush toys in june 1st week 2021.

custom stuffed animals from drawings

custom stuffed animals from drawings

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drawing into stuffed animals

drawing to plush

custom stuffed animals from picture

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create your own plush

create your own stuffed animal from a drawing

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Makemyplush is offering custom plush toys based on the kids drawing, illustration designs and old plush toys photos. Before placing the order, you have email the drawing or picture to makemyplush@gmail.com. Our team will review the possibilities and let you know size for the possibilities and the pricing. Based on that customer have to place the order. 

Our production time for custom soft doll is about 25-30 days and shipping time is about 3-5 days.

Customer can order draw your own plush toy in our online website url. If you want to convert an illustration design into stuffed animal plush use this url, custom stuffed animal from picture

Please check the images what we completed custom stuffed animal plush toy by 2nd week of may 2021.

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