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Draw your own plush toy - Work Done by 2nd Week of May 2021

Draw your own plush toy, sounds seems something different right? Yes, exactly it's totally different in the plush domain. You may ordered cartoon characters, movie characters, some special kids plush toys, etc. But here in this section you can build you own plush toy. You may ask how to do that?

Very simple, it's about your imagination or creative idea. Mustly what we suggest create your own unique character or drawing. Don't draw the character what you know in the movie or web serials or in any story book. Close your eyes, think about your fav idea, from that idea you can create your own character. That's the real value one for the custom plush toys. 

For example if you are a natural lover, create your own natural character like a tree or animal or something. It's something like a booster for your idea or dream, what you want to achieve. Hope, i am right?

Makemyplush is offering custom plush toys based on the kids drawing, illustration designs and old plush toys photos. Before placing the order, you have email the drawing or picture to makemyplush@gmail.com. Our team will review the possibilities and let you know size for the possibilities and the pricing. Based on that customer have to place the order. 

Our production time for custom soft doll is about 25-30 days and shipping time is about 3-5 days.

Customer can order draw your own plush toy in our online website url. If you want to convert an illustration design into stuffed animal plush use this url, custom stuffed animal from picture

Please check the images what we completed custom stuffed animal plush toy by 2nd week of may 2021.

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