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Make Your Own Stuffed Animal From a Picture - Work Done by Month of August 2021

Previously every week we shared our previous work output in our blogs for customers visibilities. Due to covid situtations, we are unable to share our weekly portfolieos in our blog section. That's why we planned to combine all our august custom plush toys into single blog post. Hope that will work better, our guest and customers can easily access our plush toy pictures. 

Since after a long break we preparing this blog post, in this timeline we handled a lot different custom stuffed animals based on kids drawings, illustration designs, old or lost stuffed animal picture based, etc. If possible we will explain few of the interested portfolie below. 

Same time we are sharing new custom plush toys pictures in social medias like facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram pages, customers and guest can also can review our profile over there. It will also help our guest people to review our previous custom stuffed animal works easily. 

Explaining each requirement and custom plushies are very difficult one, but we will expalin few our portfolie from our august month. 

make your own stuffed animal from a picture

turn a drawing into a plush

It's one of our complicated work done in august 2021, we got a requirement from our customer to convert the old and his lost plush into new one. But as per our fabric standard we can't go with different fur material, we convicenced to use the same standard fur. It come awesome look same like the lost plush toy. We love to convert kind a lost or old plush toy into custom stuffed animal plush toy.

make my drawing into a stuffed animal

It's one our tough complicated, we handled by last week. Since it's an illustration design it's very complicated to take patterns for custom stuffed animal, we hand sketched the illustration design for pattern preparating and prepare the each and every pattern required for this plush toy. That's why these kind of illustrations are very complicated to prepare the custom plush toy. Finally we made the final version of this plush.

create your own stuffed toy

It's a kid drawing, but little complicated one. Multi color, with more details. Everything come good, but heat and multi color body part taken more time and effort to convert this kids drawing into custom stuffed aninmal plush toy finally.

make your own stuffed animal

It's one custom creater made by one of our customer, when i see this drawing 1st. It's very complicated one. When we discussed with our team, they ready to take this one as a challenge. It's a mixed character of rat and fish, when we convert this drawing into plush toy. We faced we complicated situtation at tail, wing and head sections. It takes huge time for converting the drawing into custom made soft toys.

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It's our creative video made by our august month work done, hope this will also help our customers and guest.

Makemyplush is offering custom plush toys based on the kids drawing, illustration designs and old plush toys photos. Before placing the order, you have email the drawing or picture to makemyplush@gmail.com. Our team will review the possibilities and let you know size for the possibilities and the pricing. Based on that customer have to place the order. 

Our production time for custom soft doll is about 25-30 days and shipping time is about 3-5 days.

Customer can order draw your own plush toy in our online website url. If you want to convert an illustration design into stuffed animal plush use this url, custom stuffed animal from picture

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